New Doberman Puppy Must-Have Supplies Guide Available

So you’ve picked up your Doberman puppy, now what? If you are a new dog owner, like us, then this guide to puppy pick-up day will be especially useful. Find out what must-have puppy supplies to stock and never run short of with this guide.

This is the second guide in the Doberman Puppy Guides Series. This new guide is published at the heels of having Atlas with us for two months. In that one month as new dog owner, we’ve gained a wealth of experience. We’ve learned what works, what doesn’t and most importantly, what puppy supplies to keep on hand.

This guide was written to help you make your life a little easier by listing all the essential puppy supplies that you absolutely need to stock. Here, I list the six core puppy supplies as well as the brands and specific products we use with Atlas and are very pleased with.

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