My Picks

As you read through various articles on this site, you will notice that I share links to products I recommend. These products range from dog food, treats, toys, bedding, leashes, collars and harnesses to clothing. Atlas has used all of them, but more importantly, Atlas approves them.

Occasionally, I receive pet products for Atlas to try. Only the products I feel my readers’ Dobermans can benefit from will make it on this page. It also needs Atlas’ paw of approval too.

Instead of having you spend countless time and money searching for similar products seen on this site, I created this page. Here, I categorically organized all the products that Atlas has used. Atlas has personally benefited from these products and some product, such as the Fi Smart Collar, give us peace of mind.

Collars, leashes and harnesses
Canine comfort
Food and nutritional supplements
Hygiene and grooming
Toys and chews
Seasonal apparels
Books & Information
Travel & Active Gear

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