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Welcome to the Doberman resource page, a curated list of web sites I strongly recommend checking out. When we were looking for our Doberman puppy, I’ve spent hundreds of hours of personal research spanning across 11 months.

The end result is the culmination of this list. Web sites on this list span from health and diet resource, to Doberman enthusiast groups and manufacturers of Doberman products. As I continue to come across new Doberman resources that I feel the need to share, this list will continue to grow.

ATLAS’ Den is neither sponsored nor endorsed by the organizations and/or web sites listed below.

Are you looking to connect with other Doberman enthusiasts? Here is a list of some local Southern California Doberman groups. If you own a club or a meet-up that specializes on Doberman and want to be listed, give me a shout.

Doberman Pride logo

Doberman Pride has a prolific social media presence and they support the work of Dobies and Little Paws Rescue (see Rescue tab).

Doberman Pride offers breed specific information, a network to interact with other Doberman families, and an awesome line of apparel and accessories. They also plan and host meet-up events for Southern California Doberman families to gather together.


Are you looking for Doberman puppies? These breeders and organizations will help connect you with your next Doberman puppy.

West Coast Doberman Ranch is a family owned and operated Doberman Pinscher breeder in San Jose, Northern California. They are a top quality European Doberman breeder. Atlas was born at the West Coast Doberman Ranch.


The American Kennel Club Marketplace is a great resource to find your next American or European Doberman puppy. Puppies can be filtered by gender, location and distance from a particular zip code. If you are searching for a Doberman puppy and do not know where to begin your search, the AKC Marketplace is a good place to start.

The easiest way to adopt a Doberman would be through a rescue that specializes in Doberman Pinschers, such as Dobies and Little Paws Rescue. However, they are located in Southern California. If that is beyond your distance, use a shelter specializing in Doberman rescues closest to you listed below. Alternatively, utilize a pet finder service, such as Adopt a Pet, to help you connect with a Dobie in need of a forever home.

Dobies and Little Paws Rescue logo

Dobies and Little Paws is a non-profit, no-kill dog rescue located in rural Fillmore, California. They specialize in Doberman rescues but also assist other breeds. We visited Dobies and Little Paws Rescue when we were searching for our Doberman puppy. Great facility, adult dogs and all around fantastic group of people.

If you're looking for a Doberman, can help you find one near you based on city and/or zip code.

Doberman-related health and nutritional resources are listed below. These include information on nutritional DCM, raw feeding, toxic and non-toxic plant lists, etc.


The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA) is a non-profit organization dedicated to preventing cruelty to animals. They have a very comprehensive list of plants that are both toxic and non-toxic to canines. If you have a backyard filled with plants and you're unsure if the plants are toxic or not for your dog, refer to this list. Who would've known that lime and lemon leaves and fruits are toxic to dogs?

Raw Feeding Advice & Support

Raw Feeding Advice and Support, the world's largest raw group on Facebook was created in 2013 to welcome dogs and cats to the world of Prey Model Raw feeding. They have plenty of articles, infographics and a staff of knowledgeable admins that are happy to help anyone get started with feeding their canine a strictly prey model raw diet - that is, no veggies, no supplements and absolutely no kibbles.

The Raw Feeding Community

Contrary to the Raw Feeding Advice & Support Group, The Raw Feeding Community (RFC) focus on raw feeding, but welcomes varying degrees of raw diet - including those that include supplements, fruits and veggies.

Raw Feeding Community was created to provide an accurate and welcoming source of information and discussion for all of raw feeders. They strive to provide as much knowledge on raw diets as possible, to beginners and experienced raw feeders alike – whether they are interested in feeding prey model raw, BARF (Biologically Appropriate Raw Food), and/or pre-made commercial products, or even feeding a partial or supplemental raw diet. RFC’s main goal is to help owners improve their pet’s diets by providing accessible, unbiased, evidence-based information.


TAURINE+DCM is a web site that supports the efforts of two major Facebook groups discussing the recent spike in taurine deficiency-related canine dilated cardiomyopathy, that is, nDCM or nutritional DCM. These two Facebook groups are The All-Breed Taurine DCM Facebook Group and the The Golden Retriever Taurine DCM Facebook Group.

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