European Doberman Growth Chart

Welcome to the European Doberman Growth Chart page where you will find Atlas’ growth & development and weight tables and charts. The data presented here are Atlas’ weekly measurements. I take weekly measurements of his weight, height, shoulder height, neck girth, chest girth and length ever since the day we picked him up from the ranch. These charts can be referenced as a general baseline growth & development guidelines for the typical male European Doberman.

There are plenty of Doberman growth charts online if you do a quick search, including the AKC. However, many of them are either for the American Doberman or they do not contain the data I need. I created this European Doberman Growth Chart page just to fill that niche.

Different Doberman, Different Growth Rate

Keep in mind that all Dobermans grow at a different pace due to environmental factors, including the amount of exercise and type of diet they receive daily. No two Dobermans will have an identical growth rate. Atlas receives a minimum of two hours of exercise a day, 1 hour of mental stimulation. We feed Atlas a combination of kibble and homemade raw dog food diet.

As you can see from the weight chart, the old Doberman weight adage, “10 lbs. a month,” is pretty accurate. That is, you can estimate your dog’s weight during its first 10 months simply by multiplying 10 by its age in month. At 6 months old, Atlas was 60 lbs. At 5 months old, he was 50 lbs.

I will continue to chart Atlas’ growth until he fills out and reaches full maturity.

European Doberman body measurement key.
European Doberman sitting height.

Atlas' Growth & Development Table (rounded to the nearest inch)

wdt_ID Week Height Sitting Ht. Shoulder Ht. Neck Girth Chest Girth Length
Week Height Sitting Ht. Shoulder Ht. Neck Girth Chest Girth Length

Weekly Visual Transformation

For a weekly growth photo of a male European Doberman, check out the “Doberman Lifespan Through Photos page“. In this page I document what Atlas, a typical male family European Doberman, generally appears based on its age in weeks.

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