Puppy Pick-Up Date Confirmed!

Our puppy pick-up date is confirmed! We received words from West Coast Doberman that our puppy will be ready for us by first week of January! We went over the calendar together with Tony and we have a very clear idea on our puppy pick-up date. Our puppy and his litter mates will be receiving their first round of vaccination next week.

Our 10 month journey to find our first dog is coming to an end. We researched, planned, budgeted and waited for this moment. It is the final count down and we will have our very first dog in just a few weeks!

Atlas is somewhere in this litter, born November 8, 2019. Puppy pick-up date is confirmed!
Atlas is in there somewhere; born November 8, 2019.

Now is the time to stock up on the rest of the puppy supplies on our shopping list. We’ve stocked up on chews, toys, dog food, leash, collar, dog tag and other essential items. We still need to order a dog crate, a dog bed, blanket, dental chews, grooming tools and supplies for the road. It is also time to update the pet health insurance quote I’ve saved a few months back. There is no shortage of veterinarians around here and our designated veterinarian is just a few blocks from our residence. We also found a puppy kindergarten next to our veterinarian that specializes in obedience and socialization training. We plan to enroll Atlas when he turns 6 months old in their 12-session package. The sessions are structured like a day care and conveniently scheduled from 9 AM to 5 PM. Basically, I will drop Atlas off before heading to work a few miles away. And then I will pick up Atlas on the way home from work.

The Excitement is Real

While the excitement is real, we are going to use the two weeks leading into January to go on a road trip. We are going to enjoy our time together as a family before welcoming a new member into the family.

Our puppy pick-up date is confirmed and we are closer than ever to pick up our very first dog. What fantastic news and what a perfect way to start off the New Year!

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