Celebrating Atlas’ First Birthday

This post is a month over due! I had to take off half of November due to hospitalization and catching up with work.

Can you believe it? Atlas turned 1 year old on November 8, 2019. I remember Tony over at West Coast Doberman giving us the heads up about Atlas’ litter and scheduling an appointment to pick up the puppy that would eventually become Atlas shortly after.

Doberman puppies

In the course of a year, Atlas has transformed from a palm sized furball into a 84 lb. giant goofball. Because of remote work, we were able to witness him throughout his transformation, both physically and behaviorally. I’ll touch on his behavior in a separate entry, but oh boy. Atlas was a handful to deal with between 6 months old until about 10 months old. These were his canine adolescent months and he was pretty much out of control. Fortunately, we still made sure he has a structured life and continue to abide by house rules. But for a short period of time, he would seemingly forget the commands he learned since a puppy and try to challenge our authority whenever he could. Thankfully, this canine adolescent stage is over and he has become a more chill house dog.

Celebrating His First

For Atlas’ first birthday, we scheduled him with our vet for a neuter appointment (more on this in a separate article) and then gave him a juicy prime T-Bone steak for him and him alone to enjoy. Let’s just say he gobbled it up in less than 2 minutes and then went after the bone for another 30 minutes until I took it away.

Happy birthday, ya big baby to many more years!

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