Atlas’ First Vet Visit, Wellness Exam and Vaccination

We wasted no time scheduling Atlas’ first vet visit. As a matter of fact, I scheduled the appointment even before we picked up Atlas.

This is a late post because Atlas was at his first vet visit four days ago, on January 13th, 2020, the day after we brought him home. At his first vet visit, the vet performed a wellness exam and vaccination schedule. The wellness exam includes skin examination, listening for irregular heart beats, eye exam, ear exam, weight and testicle exam.

Atlas' first visit at the vet.
Abby with Atlas at the vet’s office.

Atlas had his 3rd round of vaccination and also a fecal test for worms and giardia. His 4th round of vaccination is schedule for February 8, 2020 and his rabies shot at 16 weeks old. Fortunately, his worm test came back negative. Unfortunately, I got a call back from the vet the following day and was informed that Atlas’ stool sample tested positive for giardia cysts. Atlas was prescribed 5 doses of Panacur in powdered form, to be taken with his dinner. It’s a good thing we took Atlas to the vet immediately after we brought him home for health situations like this.

As soon as he receives his rabies shot, we will enroll him in puppy kindergarten for obedience and socialization training. We’re considering placing him in twelve 8 hour/day sessions.

At the end of the wellness exam, we requested to have Atlas micro-chipped through HomeAgain.

Atlas’ first vet visit and wellness exam went well, Atlas spent most of the remaining day resting in his crate. However, the night that follows is a different story! I will get into more detail on a future post that documents our 1st week with Atlas.

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