Our Doberman Puppy is Officially Licensed

With rabies shot and final core vaccination round completed, Atlas can now apply for a license. Today, our Doberman puppy is officially licensed.

I applied for a municipal pet license the same day Atlas received his rabies vaccination. The company that handles pet licensing for the city of Torrance is Pet Data. While I applied online on March 7, 2020, thinking it would expedite the process, the whole process took 1½ month.

In reality, I should have received my pet license tag and receipt within 10 days of submitting the necessary documents. The process was pretty straight forward. Set up an account, add a pet profile, submit a rabies certificate of vaccination and pay a licensing fee. I did all of that but there was an issue with the image of the certificate of vaccination that I submitted.

You see, I mistakenly taken it with iOS’ “live photo” mode. The image of the certificate I submitted was unreadable. So after 3 weeks, I received a letter from Pet Data in the mail notifying that a certificate of rabies vaccination was missing and need to be mailed in with their voucher. I printed the image of the certificate and snail mailed it back to Pet Data.

Pet License Finally Arrives

After waiting another 2 weeks, Pet Data finally sent us the pet license certificate of receipt and a shiny dog tag.

Our Doberman puppy is officially licensed.
Our Doberman puppy is officially licensed.

If you are a South Bay resident and wonder what the dog license tag looks like, here it is:

City of Torrance pet license dog tag.
City of Torrance pet license dog tag.

Finally, the dog tag set includes the tag itself and a split ring. Pet Data engraves the name of the city of issuance, the city’s Animal Control phone number and the pet license number (blurred for privacy) on the dog tag.


I paid $62.00 + $2.00 online convenience fee to license Atlas. As of now, the annual license renewal will drop to $24.00 for neutered dogs.

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