Welcome to ATLAS’ Den, a European Doberman Blog

Welcome to ATLAS’ Den, a newly established blog devoted to Atlas, our European Doberman Pinscher. Atlas is both our first dog and first Doberman.

The goal of this blog is to document our daily routine with Atlas, his diet, his health and his hygiene. These articles and narratives will be told from the perspective of our family who are also first time dog owners. Stories of our adventures and travels we enjoy together as a family will be illustrated in photos. To read a more in-depth story on why I created this site, take a moment to read the About page.

I am not new to web development or web design, but operating this site will be a learning-on-the-job sort of gig. As a new dog owner, I have big plans to grow this site using information garnered from my own experience raising Atlas. While I accumulate valuable resource and experience over time, this site will continuously evolve. To help support the articles, I intend to add rich media, including videos and high resolution photographs. While the future is bright, for now, this site will be a blog about Atlas, our European Doberman.

An Ongoing Experience

Follow ATLAS’ Den and you will be in for a real treat! I will be posting weekly updates, some times more, on what it’s like to have a family Doberman for the first time dog owners. In our case, a family of three (wife, myself and our 3 year old toddler son). Hopefully, future dog owners who are considering a family Doberman can benefit from the information found on this site. New or seasoned dog owners can evaluate if the Doberman breed is a right fit for them or their family when looking for their next dog.

Subsequently, I will be posting several informative guides along the journey and sharing my experience. These guides will encompass topics such:

  • housebreaking a European Doberman puppy,
  • ear posting,
  • Doberman grooming,
  • the true cost of owning a Doberman,
  • new ownership preparation and many more.

In addition, I will point out what works, what doesn’t and what to expect.

Be sure to follow Atlas on Instagram, @atlas_dobie and #atlas_dobie! Subscribe to “The Monthly PROTECTOR,” our monthly e-newsletter filled with tips, product reviews, new articles round-up, site news and updates. The first issue will not deploy for another couple of months, that is, until I’ve created enough content for a quality e-newsletter to deliver.

Finally, this post establishes the founding of ATLAS’ Den, November 13, 2019. Stay tuned.

P.S. Don’t mind the temporary watermarked stock photos of Dobermans. They are just placeholders and will be replaced with high resolution images of Atlas soon enough!

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